Microsoft Smartwatch Coming Soon! Is It For Real?

As there has been growing demand for the wearable gadgets, Microsoft may also be working on their own touch-enabled watch-like device. Microsoft declined to comment on this officially but this appears to be true from the news appeared from sources which say Microsoft is planning for a small screen of a watch size (they may also be doing a research).

Microsoft has a history of a smartwatch back in 2003 which was supported by their software and it was on a subscription basis.It was made to give news headlines, sports scores, play FM radio. Logitech headset drivers windows 10 But now it is not there anymore due to its high price and not much use for an average user.

It is not surprising because this appears to be the next computing trend as we already saw big heads like Google and Nike coming up with their devices and we saw Google glass is already in the news and Nike fuel band is also in the market.

This growing demand for wearable gadgets makes analysts and investors believe that this arena of wearable gadgets are on a horizon and could be around $ 10 Billion industry by 2016.

When we take a look back at the evolution of technology from past 7-8 years compactness of devices has been the most innovative thing, take it from the early desktop to the latest tablet or a smartphone, the main reason behind making the devices more compact is due to the increasing privacy of an individual.

As there is more and more competition growing in this arena for these type of gadgets we should not get surprised if Microsoft comes up with this device and surprise everyone in the near future.

Microsoft being a technology giant this product of smartwatch or smart band whatever it is will be a definite product to look forward to.