Hello Andrew:

I want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my recent week of respite at SLRR. In particular I appreciated the efforts that you and your staff made to make me feel at home:

by making sure I always had company at meal and snack time…it must have been a real challenge for you to deal with the eratic arrivals of some of my personal care workers, but you succeeded.

by making sure I didn’t get bored…by telling me join some of your marketing sessions…by bringing your mother, a very interesting lady, down from Sudbury…by taking me to the community lunch in Arden.

by cooking up a storm…I didn’t expect the owner to be a chef as well…you and Chrissy produced excellent meals and sinful desserts as well.

In addition, my suite was well appointed and spacious. I had a beautiful view over the east basin, and there  was always a quick response to any request or help.

I  would not hesitate in recommending the SLRR to others.

Best regards,